Arize Motion Sensor

Monitor human activity in areas you want to keep secure with the Arize Motion Sensor. After detecting movement, the device will send a real time alert to the web management platform for common area devices, and to the resident mobile application if human movement is detected within a home. You can place your smart motion sensor nearly anywhere, including property common areas, hallways, offices, and apartment homes.

For Property Managers

  • Keep unauthorized personnel from trespassing on restricted grounds
  • Improve apartment security and protect outdoor assets
  • Monitor device battery and connection status from virtually anywhere
  • Immediately know when device tampering is detected
apartment common area

For Residents

  • Monitor home security from virtually anywhere, and know when your smart motion sensors detect suspicious activity via the resident mobile app

  • Avoid privacy concerns associated with video surveillance
  • Distinguish between human and non-human movements with smart motion sensors (pets won’t trip the alarm)
  • Connect smart motion sensors to the Arize Keypad and Arize Siren for enhanced security and customization

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Arize Motion Sensor

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