Arize Entry Sensor

Keep windows, doors, safes, and drawers secure with the Arize Smart Entry Sensor. Using the web management platform and resident mobile application, you can receive real-time alerts and view a complete smart entry sensor access log.

For Property Managers

  • Deter intruders from entering property and causing costly damage
  • Know when residents or staff forget to securely close doors, windows, safes, or drawers
  • Monitor device battery and connection status from virtually anywhere​​
  • Immediately know when device tampering is detected
pool gates with entry sensor installed

For Residents

  • Receive real-time mobile app notifications whenever the smart entry sensor is triggered
  • Monitor apartment home safety by ensuring doors and windows are securely closed
  • Remotely check if doors, windows, safes, or drawers were accidentally left unopened
  • Connect smart entry sensors to the Arize Keypad and Arize Siren for enhanced security and customization

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Arize Entry Sensor


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