Arize Smart Thermostat


The Arize Smart Thermostat allows property owners to offer residents pinpoint control over the temperature in their apartments. Remotely adjust thermostat settings, set temperature schedules, and monitor device usage through the web management platform (staff) and resident mobile app (residents). Property owners can also install smart thermostats inside vacant apartments to regulate temperature fluctuations, prevent property damage, conserve energy, and lower overhead expenses.

For Property Managers

  • Control thermostats in vacant apartments from the web management platform, with a lock option that prevents unwanted changes
  • Automatically adjust temperature settings for property leasing tours
  • Combat extreme weather damage with real-time alerts and thermostat self-regulation
  • Monitor thermostat activity for optimal energy savings 
thermostat showing heating inside of unit with snow storm shown through unit window in background
person in work clothes adjusting thermostat from phone while next to car about to drive home

For Residents

  • Pre-set your apartment to the perfect temperature before you arrive home
  • Conserve energy by scheduling temperature shifts for when you’re away
  • Protect your apartment and belongings from extreme weather damage with real time alerts and thermostat self-regulation
  • Lock your thermostat when needed for full control over your environment

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