Arize Water Detector


The Arize Water Detector prevents water leaks and floods from causing costly property damage. Whenever a leak is detected, you’ll receive a real-time alert via the web management platform, while your residents will be notified through the resident mobile app. Keep your assets safe by installing water detectors near sinks, indoor drainage pipes, basement sewage pumps, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

For Property Managers

  • Know immediately when a device detects moisture so you can prevent property damage
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance inspections and reduce property insurance expenses
  • Monitor device battery and connection status from virtually anywhere
  • Trigger a siren whenever moisture is detected​
water room with pipes with some type of illustration showing savings and security
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For Residents

  • Keep personal belongings safe from potential water damage 
  • Avoid molding from hidden water leaks
  • Receive real-time mobile app notifications whenever a water leak is detected
  • Trigger a siren whenever moisture is detected 

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Arize Water Detector


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