Arize Smart Lock


No more managing physical key rings. With the Arize Smart Lock, you can send digital access codes to your maintenance team, future residents, and anyone else who needs access to an apartment or common area. Distribute personal, master, or temporary access codes through the web management platform or the resident mobile app. The lock also includes a backup physical key that enables access in the event of a battery or service outage.

For Property Managers

  • Enhance your staff’s efficiency by removing the need to manage keys
  • Host self-guided tours using digital access codes  
  • Monitor door entry logs to ensure property and resident security 
  • Eliminate the need to change locks after a resident moves out
  • Includes backup 9V battery and physical key for emergency use
digital access code notification combined with maintenance worker entering unit
resident unlocking door with keypad

For Residents

  • Remotely lock and unlock your apartment through the resident mobile application or with the physical lock keypad
  • Create temporary access codes for visitors that need access to the apartment (friends and family, dog walker, babysitter, etc.)
  • Check door lock status from virtually anywhere to ensure your apartment and belongings are safe
  • Immediately know when device tampering is detected

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Arize Smart Lock


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