Apartment property manager and owner

Meet Property Manager Mindy

Research has shown that property managers across the nation, like Mindy, suffer from the most common property management problems:
Insufficient time to handle daily tasks, routine inspections, and maintenance
Major property incidents resulting from accidents or tampering of emergency alarms
Low occupancy rate due to lack of time and resources to market vacant units

Problem 1

Inefficient Access Management

On any given week, Mindy might spend nearly 20 hours managing well-over 100 doors in her facility to ensure maintenance staff has access, tenants aren’t locked out, and that her set of 100 different keys to the apartment are in the right hands and at the right time.

Solution 1

Digital Key Distribution

By using Arize’s smart lock and digital key management system, Mindy gained the freedom to provide maintenance staff and locked out tenants with secured keys directly from her mobile app.

Problem 2

Incidental Damages

If a tenant leaves for work without realizing her toilet was overflowing, not only does the unit get flooded by the end of the day but the surrounding units were also damaged which can cause Mindy over $12,460 in expected water restoration damage.

Solution 2

Real-time Incident Alerts

The Arize alert management system provides instantaneous notifications through the mobile/web platforms whenever a hazardous event occurs or even when a device needs servicing. With the water leak, smoke and window door sensors installed throughout all the units of her property, Mindy now can monitor everything in one place and know that all units are risk-free.

Problem 3

Low Property Occupancy Rate

Mindy and her staff usually need to perform an hour-long tour five times a day to showcase vacant apartments to potential tenants on unclosed deals. She has been searching for alternative methods that would better streamline the process and increase her close rate.

Solution 3

Self-Guided Tours & Unit Marketability

With smart locks installed throughout the complex, Arize’s self-guided tour system sends secure one-time access codes directly to prospective tenant’s emails. Mindy and her staff simply do the initial introduction, send guests to view the units and have them back for the closing pitch once they’ve been impressed by the unit’s smart accessories.

Increase apartment revenue illustration

Average Outcome

Smart Apartment Solutions have reportedly freed up nearly 100 work hours per month for property managers and their staff, making them a much more effective manager and overall business.

Properties are seeing an average increase in profits of 12% directly from the attractiveness of their new smart amenities and the premium rent rates that smart home automation systems command along with lowered expenses from timely incident response, inefficient utilities and required staff time.

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