Smart Sensors And Detectors

Monitor water leaks and unwanted activity in apartments and common areas.

Arize Water Detector AWD110

Arize Water Detector AWD220

Arize Motion Sensor AMS110

Arize Motion Sensor AMS220

Arize Entry Sensor AES110

Arize Entry Sensor AES220

How Our System Works

Receive real-time alerts and control your devices from anywhere with our management web platform and resident mobile application.

The Arize Smart Hub is the brain of our system and is how our smart devices communicate with you. Our hub communicates with both Wi-Fi and 4G, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing connection.

Your data is safe and protected with us. Our system is developed fully in-house, and all information is transferred and stored only within our cloud.

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Short-term and long-term plans available

100% transparency (no hidden fees or terms)

Never pay for devices you don’t need

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