Smart Leak Detection

Leaks can be painful! Especially when you don't even know how much damage they are causing.

Receive real-time alerts regarding surprise water leaks and moisture build-up to ensure apartment safety and serviceability.

Prevent Property Loss Due to Water Damage

Water leaks not only cause damage to surrounding structures and materials, but they also put resident health at risk since they cause mold.

The earlier that leaks get noticed and addressed the less your insurance claims become.

Why You Should Optimize Your Property Today


average cost for mold remediation repairs for a single unit.*


amount lost annually by property owners due to water and fire damage*


average amount insurance companies spend annually on non-weather related damages.*

*, National Fire Protection Association,

Save Time & Money By Catching Leaks Early

Receive email and push notifications seconds after water or moisture is detected. Attend to the leaking area earlier so you can avoid widespread damages.

This convenient approach decreases the need for monthly or quarterly water line inspections.

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