Smart Apartment Solutions,

Explore how our smart apartment devices can elevate your property’s value and grow your NOI.
Security Panels

Smart Apartment Technology That Never Sleeps

Protect your property from water damage, intruders, and break-ins with our smart sensors and security devices.

Monitor property activity anywhere and anytime through the Arize web platform and mobile application.

Personalized Convenience with Smart Apartment Technology

Manage all home and common area entry points with our smart locks, which can be controlled through our web platform and mobile application.

Customize your smart thermostat schedules remotely to save energy, time, and money.

How Our System Works

Control your smart devices from anywhere, and receive real-time alerts through our web management platform and resident mobile application.
The Arize Smart Hub enables our smart devices to communicate with you. Our hub runs on both Wi-Fi and 4G, meaning you never have to worry about losing connection.
Your data is safe with us. Our smart devices are developed in-house, and all information is transferred and stored within our secure cloud platform.

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