Remote Apartment Access

Send access codes to potential residents for self guided tours or allow maintenance members into units without the hassle of having to manage bulky sets of keys.

Our remote access solution gives you convenience and greater efficiency.

Manage Your Property From Virtually Anywhere

Can’t be in the office 24/7 but want to manage your property anyway? Our web platform allows you to manage access codes from anywhere at anytime.

Besides one-time temporary access codes, you also have the option of creating re-occurring codes that allow you to easily manage in-unit traffic.

How Does Remote Access Control Work?

Create Access Code

Submit access information by filling out a form through our web platform.

Send Access Code

A temporary access code will be sent via email to your assigned recipient right after you hit the “send” button.

Recipient Enters Code

Recipient enters code to access unit over a specified time period.

View Access History

Property managers can view the unit's access record to see when recipient entered.

Safely Show Units with Self-Guided Touring

In-person tours require key management and can lead to scheduling complications that cut into property managers' time.

With self-guided touring, these problems disappear. You also never have to worry about losing any keys, since entry is granted digitally. Your access codes are easy to create and revoke. All it takes is just one click.

Increase Unit Marketability With Our Resident Mobile App

Benefits of Remote Access Control

Enhanced Security

Access records and history gets stored digitally in one convenient place.

Greater Convenience

No need to find and pull physical keys or waste time replacing any locks.

Increased Safety

Ability to socially distance while also tracking unit access.

Optimize Costs & Efficiency

Save time with self-guided touring and zero key management.

Improved Marketability

Stand out from your would-be competitors with smart technology.

Expand Showing Hours

After-hours apartment tours are no problem at all.

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