Arize Smart Hub

The Arize Smart Hub is the central communication point — and the heart — of our entire ecosystem. It enables our smart home devices to send real-time alerts and device diagnostics to the web management platform and resident mobile application. The hub also secures the entire Arize system from external threats.

For Property Managers

  • Eliminate need for costly communal Wi-Fi
  • Ensure 24/7 connectivity with 4G backup network
  • Control and monitor Arize smart home devices from the web management platform
  • Support up to 100 Arize smart home devices without dropping connection

For Residents

  • Control and monitor in-home device status through the resident mobile application
  • Guarantee your smart home devices will work — even in a Wi-Fi service outage — with 4G backup network
  • Receive real-time smart home device alerts and notifications

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