Future-Proof Features

A comprehensive, easy-to-use, property management platform

Arize smart apartment and property management platform features

Your All-in-One Smart Platform

Increase system efficiency, resolve problems immediately when they arise, and make life easier all-around through one comprehensive, easy-to-use, property management platform.

The Arize Smart Platform is designed with property managers at the forefront to deliver the everyday tools that keep their tenants happy, and their facilities operating smoothly, from virtually anywhere.

Arize Smart Apartment offering all in one property management platform for property managers and tenants
Arize's multifamily apartment smart utility management system image

Smarter Utility Management

Save time, money, and valuable resources through automated utilities that lead to greater operational returns, such as:

Automated systems for resident comfort and convenience.

Smart utility automation maximizes energy output efficiency through lighting and thermostat control that’s proven to reduce energy usage by 47%, along with other resource-conscious systems.

Smarter Property Access​

Make sure the right people access the right places.

Enjoy remote locking and unlocking capabilities along with guest permissions for potential tenants, self-guided tour guests, maintenance workers, and everyone else your property is happy to host. Studies show that self-guided systems multiply the average rate of tours held by up to 5 times, while freeing up crucial hours for staff, resulting in an 11% increase in deal-closing customer conversions.

Additionally, Arize smart systems prevent the irritations of unwanted lockouts, time-wasted by staff key pulling, and other daily operational hurdles.

Arize offers property managers and apartments with smart lock door access

Smarter Risk Management​

Keep your properties safe with smart sensors that report costly hazards and security risks right as they occur through real-time alerts.

On average, owners lose upwards of $10.5B annually from property loss due to fire and water damage alone.

Arize risk management system gives your tenants an added layer of asset protection by ensuring your staff receive the relevant information they need to handle urgent issues as they arise in the timeliest manner possible to mitigate damages before they turn catastrophic.

Smarter Home Security

Enjoy greater peace of mind and safety with 24/7 monitoring.

Arize’s smart home security system keeps an eye on every window, room, and door in your community while anyone's away. With this smarter approach, you avoid redundant security expenses while also spending less time on-site.

Rest easier knowing that unwanted visitors will be spotted and that both tenants and managers will be immediately notified.

Arize smart home security stops burglary and theft with smart motion sensors and entry alerts in real-time

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✓ Revenue maximizing opportunities
✓ Tremendous time and cost savings
✓ Streamlined property protection