3 Reasons You Should Choose Arize Over Other Smart Apartment Solutions

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If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a good understanding of smart apartment solutions. You may even be evaluating your options on your path to buying. 

Why Should You Choose Arize Smart Apartment Solutions for Your Property?

In researching smart apartment technology, you will find that not every company is created equal, which is why we would like to highlight how Arize excels against the competition. 

With Arize, there are three major differences: 

  1. From product design to tech support, everything is done in-house.
  2. Our all-in-one platform provides the most secure and seamless connectivity between devices.
  3. We provide you additional savings by having a lower software fee that won’t eat up your ROI.

However, these three things won’t matter unless they solve your specific problem(s). In our experience, we have found that property owners and managers want to:

  1. Make their properties run more smoothly and efficiently
  2. Save money while boosting profits  

Luckily, our in-house design, competitive software rates, and superior connectivity make it possible to achieve these goals.

What “In-House” Actually Means

When we say Arize does everything in-house, this is what we mean— everything from product design to tech support is done under one roof.

All of our departments from Product and Installation to User Experience (U/X) and Client Support have one goal in mind: creating the best-in-class experience possible for you and your residents.

This makes life easier for you and your residents because it gets rid of the hiccups and delays that come from integrating with different brands. 

Why Choosing a Streamlined Smart Tech Company Will Make Your Life Easier

Arize is a streamlined smart tech company, which means that we steer away from integrating our products with other brands*. On the other hand, many other smart apartment solutions companies work with different brands for their software and devices. This means they have little-to-no control over their products, which can lead to several different problems. 

Designed Specifically for You

Many of the products that our competitors integrate with aren’t made for multifamily properties. They are general ‘smart home’ products that weren’t designed specifically for your situation. 

At Arize, each and every one of our devices is created for apartment owners, managers, and residents. Our products are made specifically to increase the efficiency and profitability of multifamily residential buildings. 

Tech Support

When a smart apartment company integrates with other brands, it is much more difficult for their clients to receive immediate assistance when there is a technical problem.

For example, if your app and device won’t connect, you won’t know whether to call the original device manufacturer or the company who gave you the software. There are now several phone calls to go through to finally get some assistance. 

This can be a major inconvenience, especially when you need the problem fixed quickly.

When you choose Arize, this type of problem does not exist. Instead, when a technical glitch occurs, the property manager or resident has access to immediate support. 

We know your time is valuable, so we have one line for property management and one line for residents.

Data Security 

Data security is by far the most common concern among residents. This is why choosing the right system is crucial. 

In fact, 53% of organizations have experienced a third-party data breach according to this 2020 study. Don’t let this be you! 

When a smart apartment system uses third-party integrations, this poses a higher risk for a security breach. 

If each of your devices is relying on a different brand’s security measures, it is much more likely that at least one of them will end up being compromised. 

With Arize’s in-house system, data is more secure since it is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most trusted cloud provider in the world. This effectively blocks unauthorized access from any third party.

We also enforce end-to-end encryption, which prevents data from going to anyone other than your intended recipient. Your information, along with your residents’ information, stays secured and protected. 

This high level of security helps alleviate residents’ privacy concerns, making them more willing to upgrade to a smart unit. And we know how crucial resident satisfaction is! 

Faster Product Updates

Having full control over our products improves our ability to make quick updates. If a client gives feedback on their experience using one of our products, we can make changes to it quickly.

This extends to “over the air” updates, which means that when our firmware (the software inside a device) gets updated, your devices get updated too. 

It’s simple: when a new version of a product comes out, you get the update without having to do anything other than press a button. Competitors who integrate with other companies simply don’t have the advantages of giving you such quick updates. 

What is Connectivity?

A smart system is only as good as the connectivity protocol it operates on. A connectivity protocol is what unites your software and hardware devices into one system and will affect how smoothly and quickly your smart system operates.

How Connectivity Affects Your Property’s Success

Better device connectivity means a better working smart system and resident experience. When introducing a new amenity to your residents, you want to be confident that it will work!

With a strong connection like the one between Arize products and Zigbee protocol (which we discuss below), you receive alerts on time, without having to worry about a weak signal slowing down your daily operations. 

For example if you want to remotely unlock a vacant unit for a self-guided tour, you can be confident that the unit will lock and unlock at the right time and there won’t be a lag in communication between the software and hardware. 

What Makes Arize and Zigbee Superior in Terms of Connectivity 

Again, a connectivity protocol is what unifies the different devices into a single system. Moreover, Arize is one of the only brands that operates on Zigbee.

Almost every other brand operates on the Z-wave protocol. While Z-wave is good for connecting different branded devices, Zigbee transfers data twice as fast.

Moreover, Zigbee 

  • Has a stronger connection
  • Uses less power and needs few battery changes
  • Can connect up to 65,000 devices

Arize Ditches the High Cost of “Software Fees” 

Other smart apartment solutions companies will cleverly slip in an expensive “monitoring” or “software” fee. This approach can really cut into your long-term return on investment. 

A software fee is the monthly fee for having your devices monitored by your app and web portal. For example, receiving a phone alert when your door is unlocked is a feature that is paid for with the software fee. 

At Arize, we are able to control the costs of our products, which means we have the room to offer a lower software fee which won’t cut into your ROI.

With this lower rate, you’ll be able to break even in as little as 10 months. If you want this calculation done for your specific property, you can schedule a free personalized ROI calculation.

The Bottom Line

The property owners we work with want greater efficiency and higher profits. We’re sure that you are no exception. 

With a 100% in-house system, low software fees, and the best connectivity in the business, the results are going to be in your favor.

Luckily, Arize is here to provide that solution for you. In this fast-moving industry, your competitors are not standing still. They’re making moves to boost their profits. Don’t wait to optimize your property. Check out our smart devices here and then schedule a demo with our team today. 

*We integrate with Yale for our smart lock hardware. Yale is consistently ranked among the top 10 smart lock providers in the U.S. All of our other products are created 100% in-house.

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