Managing Apartments During COVID-19

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Managing Apartments During COVID-19

For those concerned with managing apartments during COVID-19, yes, the pandemic has had a significant impact on a variety of businesses. However, there are many smart solutions available to help property managers during these unprecedented times. 

While current events have affected the housing industry, smart home technology is working to off-set some of the damage. 

In fact, smart homes— defined as homes that use internet-connected devices to remotely monitor and manage utilities such as lighting and security devices —are becoming all the more important during stay at home orders. 

Moreover, smart homes and the smart devices that comprise them have now expanded to smart apartments. 

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Smart Automation and Managing Apartments During COVID-19

By adopting smart apartment technology, property managers can reduce their concerns by:

  1. Performing socially-distanced apartment viewings.

Marketing rental units through viewings and walk-throughs are one of the key factors in keeping high occupancy rates, yet California’s current social distancing guidelines are putting a strain on this process. 

It may, therefore, come as welcome news that smart home communities enable property managers to show rental units while social distancing.  

By creating an access code via a smart apartment dashboard and then passing it along to future residents, those future residents are able to view their next potential apartment in a way that keeps everyone safe.

The property manager doesn’t even have to be present as residents view the rental—and to ensure security, the access code that granted them entry expires whenever the management staff chooses.

  1. Anticipating the needs of stressed residents.

Residents are already stressed. As a result of this strain, even small issues like a beeping fire alarm can end up turning into a bigger problem. 

By having a smart apartment digital dashboard at their fingertips that monitors safety and security devices in real-time, property managers are able to quickly identify their most pressing maintenance issues.

By being plugged into precise, automated software—which provides alerts for low in-unit batteries to name but one—more proactive property management can be performed, leading to better landlord/ resident relationships.

Furthermore, residents want to reduce their in-person communications with property managers and increase the digital ones. This is where automated mass resident communication such as mass SMS and email comes into play.

  1. Reducing the need for on-site maintenance people.

Of course, addressing the maintenance needs of residents and needing a large maintenance team to do so are two separate things; and with many properties examining their budgets, managers of smart apartment communities can perform customer service while staffing fewer employees.

Take leg-work like responding to a resident lock-out for instance. With keyless entry, (where residents can enter their units by punching a number code into a keypad door lock), these types of calls are no longer necessary. Moreover, with smart apartment technology, residents are more empowered than ever before.

Equipped with their smartphone app, residents are now able to conveniently monitor, access, and control the devices in their smart apartment on their own; this includes smart locks, thermostats, and lighting, as well as in-unit motion detectors.

Residents are never out of the loop regarding the status of their apartment safety and security devices.

Managing apartments during COVID-19 or coronavirus step by step guide

The Takeaway

With all of the challenges related to COVID-19, it’s nice to know that there are tools available to help.

By upgrading to a smart apartment community, today’s property management challenges become worries of the past.

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