Best Urban and Suburban Property Security Systems 2020

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Every 26 seconds, a burglary occurs in the U.S., and these unfortunate—but preventable—occurrences result in an average loss of $3,000 (according to FBI statistics). Here are the top property security systems property managers can use to fight back against break-ins and other mishaps, whether they happen to be in the suburbs or the city. 

What is the Difference Between Urban and Suburban Property Security Systems? 

While both urban and suburban properties need property security systems, each of these areas may need to tailor their security solutions to fit their specific needs. 

For instance, security cameras might be more necessary in suburban areas (given that there are fewer people around to witness crimes), while busy city areas may find motion sensors enough to deter potential break-ins. 

Here are some more examples. 

Best Property Security Systems for City Living

According to the FBI, 60% of burglaries happen between 6am and 6pm. For city residents who commute to work each day, this means that it is likely to take hours before a break-in gets noticed. What they need is an early-warning system such as security cameras designed for remote viewing. 

1. Security Cameras That Can be Viewed Remotely. These include closed-circuit TV cameras (CCTV) that can be viewed remotely on iPhone/Android phones. This type of security set-up allows residents to view their homes while they are away, getting continual monitoring in real-time. To get up and running, you will typically need to install batteries into the security camera or cameras and download an app to your phone. Examples of security cameras that can be viewed remotely include Reolink’s E1 Pro and Google’s Nest Cam. 

2. Smart Burglar Alarms. For the city resident’s on-the-go lifestyle, security systems with remote arming or disarming capability make the most sense. This type of system allows you to set your home’s burglar alarm from work—during times when you look outside and see that it’s getting dark out for instance. 

3. Smart Security Lights. These types of lights can come paired with security cameras to surveil trespassers who would otherwise be shrouded in the darkness of night. The deterrent effect behind this type of security feature is at least two-fold. One, it may alert a neighbor in instances where you are away from home; two, the actual intruder may end up getting second thoughts because they believe that the light is indicating someone is inside the home. 

4. Security Windows and Locks. The logic behind these two security devices is simple—if a burglar can’t get into your home, they can’t rob it. Try the casement variety for windows and heavy-duty drive-in deadbolts for your home’s doors. 

Best Property Security Systems for the Suburbs

1. Smart Locks for Storage Areas. More space in suburban apartment communities means more room for on-site storage. However, burglars, emboldened by the remoteness of these storage areas (they can be situated far away from apartment units), may be tempted to break in. With smart locks, there is no lock to be picked since entry is granted through a code you punch into a keypad. Moreover, many smart lock devices come equipped with cryptographic keys for even more robust security.

smart locks for apartments improve property security system

2. Smart Entry Sensors for Door and Windows. The suburbs mean quieter living and privacy for families. Unfortunately, suburban living comes with no safety guarantees, as documented here. So how can you continue to protect your loved ones without compromising their right to privacy? Luckily, you can avoid the intrusive security cameras by choosing smart entry sensors for your home’s doors and windows. This option alerts you to danger in real-time without all of the invasiveness.

3. Smart Motion Detection.  Smart motion detection solves many of the same issues (i.e. privacy and security) as the sensors mentioned above. By reporting unauthorized movements inside your home you could, in theory, be notified of a break-in while you are out running errands. Moreover, infrared sensors (based on the temperature) are able to distinguish between human and non-human movements to avoid confusion.


Whether suburban or city, residents all across the U.S. have a lot to lose. By relying on property security systems specifically tailored to the unique needs of your area, you are better able to protect your residents, while also protecting your bottom line. 

But what about the inconvenience of having to install all of these different systems independently? 

We agree that it’s inconvenient. 

This is why Arize offers you a smart hub that allows you to monitor and control many smart security devices from a single app. 

Wherever you live, start making home security a primary focus beginning today.

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