What are the Best Door Locks for Rental Properties?

What are the best door locks for rental properties? Smart locks.

What are the Best Door Locks for Rental Properties?

When it comes to increasing the safety and security of your rental property, smart locks are a must. We consider them to be the best door locks for rental properties for a wide variety of reasons. Here’s how smart locks beat out traditional lock-and-keys. 

Why Traditional Key-and-Lock Combinations Fall Short 

  • Replacement cost in the event of key loss or theft 
  • The keys to these locks can be copied if stolen 
  • Requires constant lock changes by a locksmith
  • Require maintenance staff to house rows upon rows of different types of keys for locks, causing confusion and inconvenience
  • Property managers rely on residents to return keys to locks at end of lease term 

What is a Smart Door Lock?

Smart door locks offer you a way out of the problems mentioned above. 

Modern and stylish, these devices grant access to authorized personnel through access codes that get punched into a keypad. 

By digitizing apartment entry, property managers can monitor the comings and goings of hired personnel, while residents no longer have to worry about inconveniences like lockouts. 

Moreover, smart locks come with cryptographic keys (for robust security), while Bluetooth or cell phone-enabled door locks may not. 

What are the Best Door Locks for Rental Properties?

Here are our four main reasons why smart locks are the best door locks for rental properties:

  • Security 
  • Greater convenience
  • Greater efficiency
  • COVID-19 relevant 
Why are smart locks the best door locks for rental properties? They offer better security, greater convenience, safety during COVID-19, and greater efficiency for property managers and tenants.

Are Smart Locks More Secure? 

Smart locks are more secure than traditional locks for a number of reasons. 

First, since no physical keys are required, there is no possibility of either losing them or having a house key fall into the wrong hands. 

There’s also the security of knowing that you won’t ever be locked out.

Here are three types of lockouts and how the smart locks avoid them.

  1. Residents forgets their access code. The resident can simply reset their access code through an app on their phone.
  2. Resident loses mobile phone or app access. They still have other methods of entry. Namely, through a property manager providing them with a new code. Property managers also have access to a master backup code for each unit.
  3. Smart lock runs out of battery. To avoid getting into this situation, both property manager and resident are alerted whenever battery levels fall below a certain percentage (30% in the case of Arize’s smart lock); on the off chance that the battery does run itself all the way down, the property manager can get in with a version of a traditional key to replace the battery.

Finally, if you ever forget to lock a door to one of your units, you can (in most cases) lock it remotely, even if you happen to be off the property. 

How are Smart Locks More Efficient? 

A More Effective Maintenance Staff 

With a property stocked full of smart locked doors, your maintenance staff no longer has to function as a group of turn-keys. 

This is just another reason why smart locks are the best door locks for rental properties.

Never again will maintenance personnel rush from unit to unit to grant access to vendor upon vendor; the latter will simply be given a temporary access code instead. From here:

  • they will use the access code 
  • it will expire once they leave
  • the process will start over again when another vendor needs access 

Meanwhile, your maintenance staff will be devoting their time and energy to more critical tasks. 

And if it’s the maintenance personnel themselves who need access, they won’t lose any time trying to locate the correct key because they will have their own custom code to get into the unit. 

How are Smart Locks More Convenient for Property Managers? 

Manager-Less Apartment Viewing 

Imagine the following scenario, which you can read more about here. 

Liz—a busy property manager who is trying to secure a promotion at the community she’s been working at for three years—has a stressful day on her hands. 

While she is excited about today’s review with the boss, she knows that her energy will be drained by the time it comes around.

She may even forget her best selling points.

With today’s long list of apartment showings, her boss might interpret her lost energy as waning enthusiasm for the job. 

To make things worse, there are no other salespeople in the office that can help her with the showings. 

About to let stress get the best of her, she remembers that the community’s show unit recently upgraded to a smart lock entry system. 

She brings up the smart dashboard that monitors the property’s smart devices.

In about 3 minutes flat, she creates temporary access codes for each of today’s showings and emails them to all of the visitors (remember, these access codes allow guests to view units on their own). 

Thanks to the smart-lock upgrade, all of the potential new residents get to view the apartment, while Liz’s high energy secures her the promotion. 

Added Protection During a Pandemic 

What about residential property management during a pandemic like COVID-19?

By enabling self-guided tours that future residents can take in-person once they’ve been granted an access code, smart locks help you bypass the spread of illness.  


Smart locks give property managers a variety of advantages during COVID-19 and beyond. By upgrading to a smart-locked based entry plan, managers get greater convenience, efficiency, and security.

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