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A smarter way to secure residents and optimize your property.

Optimize Your Property's Efficiency And Resident Satisfaction

Optimize Property Efficiency And Resident Satisfaction

Arize smart apartment property protection and alerts

Protect Your Residents And Your Assets

Alerts And Property Protection

Smart sensors with real-time alerts find and resolve unexpected issues faster, encourage better routine maintenance, and keep your properties secure.

Security Access Control

Reduce your risk of incidents and keep unwanted guests out with unwavering smart security systems. 24/7 access control is specifically designed to ensure the security of your property and your residents.

Boost Property Performance

Community-Wide Convenience

Arize provides complete property access control to staff, residents, and property managers alike-- eliminating staff key pulling, resident lockouts, and more.

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided property tours offer prospective residents non-stop viewing hours and site visits at their convenience, all the while saving your business valuable time and resources.

Arize smart locks for apartments and self guided tours

Maximize Revenue And Minimize Costs

Utility Optimization

Schedule property climate control with pinpoint accuracy, save resources through water leak detection, eliminate unnecessary staff trips, and increase your bottom line through automated systems that conserve on wasteful utility usage.

Gain More Residents, Leave Fewer Vacancies

Studies show that 84% of prospective residents prefer smart apartment living— and that number is growing. Smart amenities seamlessly attract more residents and create opportunities to maximize apartment rental profits.

24/7 Data Security And Support

Data Security

Arize enforces end-to-end encryption alongside top-industry data storage practices; to ensure that every piece of data and personal information collected always remains private and secure.

24/7 Support

Along with installation date and delivery time guarantees, we handle the A-to-Z of installation and beyond—providing on-going support all the while so you never have to slow down and worry about the technical stuff.

Learn How To Optimize Your Property

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Multifamily Property Success

Our apartment solutions provide property managers the tools to keep their residents happy and their facilities operating smoothly.

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